FLO Factory Team

Past Races

04/18/2020 Barry Roubaix

Elias Macias

Shorewood, Wisconsin

Main FocusRoad Cycling / Criterium
Bucket List RaceNorseman
Post-Race DrinkScratch Recovery Mix (Chocolate & Coffee)
Off-Day ActivityXC Skiing on Winter

I started doing triathlons back in 2011 and since then I have been very active in the triathlon/cycling community. Currently I belong to a local club (Hollander Benelux Racing) which supports junior cycling. We do all kinds of sports - road, mountain, cyclocross, running, and XC skiing. I'm looking forward to 2020 because I plan to get back into doing more triathlons again. The last two years I have been focusing much more on improving my cycling strength and skills, since I always felt it was my weakest sport. I was able to participate on the Tour of Americas Dairyland the last two years, and I'm making my goal to win the overall Cat 4 division in the next couple years. Also, I'm hoping to finish in 2020 my second Kortelopet with the ambition to do the American Birkebeiner in 2021.
The years 2015-2017 were very busy with triathlon races and was able to place top 20 percent age group on all my races. My biggest races worth mentioning were 70.3 Madison (2016-2017), 140.6 Madison (2014-2015), and 70.3 Oceanside 2017.
During 2017-2018 I was president of a local triathlon club called Triwisconsin Triahtlon Team. By being part of this organization I was able to grow the sport in our community and also got to meet many amazing people.
Finally, on other hand, I am an Industrial Engineer (data geek, love analyzing my numbers) by profession and currently work in the Mining and Manufacturing Industry as an Applications Engineer. Recently got married to my amazing wife and we live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.