FLO Factory Team

Past Races

04/17/2021 US Paracycling Open

Ellie Kennedy

Boise, Idaho

Main FocusRoad Cycling / Criterium
Bucket List Race2024 Paralympics
Post-Race DrinkCoconut water
Off-Day ActivityRestorative Yoga

I am currently the oldest Internationally classified female Paracylist in the USA and I believe the oldest ACTIVE female worldwide. I ride an UPRIGHT Trike in the T-2 category. I was introduced to Flo Cycling via the podcast and I learned so much about wheels from the podcasts.My Trike requires custom rear wheels (due to the unusual rear hubs) so I never considered FLO Wheels. In 2019 I met someone with FLO Wheels at a TT and he let a friend borrow his racing wheels. I had recently retuned from the World Cup in Canada and spent hours (while driving) listening to the Podcast.
Since I have custom hubs (2 rear wheels) buying new wheels for the rear is very expensive.
In 2020 I ordered a front wheel and rims for the rear. My local shop used my custom hubs and made a set of rear wheels with the FLO rims.
I now have FLO wheels all the way around and in 2021 I won the National Championship in the both the Time Trial and the Road Race.
I look forward to representing FLO at Paracycling races in 2022.