FLO Factory Team

Past Races

05/30/2020 IRONMAN 70.3 Hawaii
05/10/2020 Honolulu Triathlon
05/02/2020 Armed Forces Triathlon Championship
04/05/2020 Hapalua Half Marathon
03/14/2020 North Shore Triathlon
Race Recap
03/01/2020 King's Runner 10k
Race Recap

Connor Wernecke

Kailua, Hawaii

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceEscape From Alcatraz Triathlon
Post-Race DrinkCoconut La Croix
Off-Day ActivityCursing out the mountain bike I'm trying to build

I’m a proud Minnesotan from a family of five – an older brother, a younger sister, and my folks. My mom started me running in middle school and I haven’t looked back from endurance sports since! In high school I learned about service academies and found their pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, and leadership to be an appealing challenge. I attended the U.S. Military Academy and graduated as an Army Engineer officer in 2016 with a B.S. in Engineering Psychology. I typically get a quizzical expression when I tell people my degree; It’s another name for Human Factors Engineering and it studies interactive design. Anything that involves people interacting with interfaces, technology, or equipment is right up my alley! I’m currently stationed at Pearl Harbor, HI serving as a Diving Officer for an Army Engineer Dive Detachment (Hooyah, Deep Sea!). My unit conducts underwater salvage, construction, survey, and search operations. I’m thankful to be in a career that complements an active lifestyle, and even more thankful to be in a place as beautiful as Hawaii! I place a high priority on leading a balanced life, taking advantage of the best activities in whatever area I’m stationed, and spending time with good people. Personal interactions, relationships, and friendships are what make all aspects of life fulfilling to me, whether that be career, hobbies, athletics, family, or anything else.