FLO Factory Team

Josh Ratledge

Aurora, Colorado | www.ratledge.org

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceKona
Post-Race DrinkIPA

I just celebrated the 5 year anniversary of my Achieve Day-  5 years ago I completed my first triathlon on September 21, 2014.  I was inspired just weeks earlier after watching my cousin complete the inaugural IM Boulder in 2014.  I then got to sherpa for him at IMWC in Kona in 2015.  I've been hooked on the sport ever since having now completed 3 Ironmans myself (Canada 2017, Cozumel 2018, Boulder 2019) with a goal to race in Kona by my 50th birthday, most likely via legacy slot.  It is time to step it up which is why I'm doing 3 Full Ironman races (Tulsa, Santa Rosa and Cozumel) next year.  Since my first triathlon 5 years ago, I make every opportunity to involve myself with the sport... whether that is daily training with my team, racing, supporting teammates, racing or volunteering at local endurance events in the community.  I love being an inspiration to other athletes but the best part is that I was able to inspire my 14 year old daughter to get into triathlons.  She has completed 12 races and her goal is to toe the line with me someday at a full distance Ironman.