FLO Factory Team

Jorge Araneta


Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Running, Track and Field
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championships but I'll take a destination race over it
Post-Race DrinkI dont really have one unless starbucks counts.
Off-Day ActivityEnjoying time with my wife and our dogs and our chubby outdoor cat along with indoor cats.

I'm a seasoned triathlete that dabbles in data analytics as a regular day job. I run, I bike and of course throw in crossfit in there because we all need a little variety. Proud father of 2 with a son running still in the collegiate level for track and field. I'm never going to be blazing fast. I'm fast enough. I've podiumed before but what drives me is the process and the little nuances specific to my own performance that gets me hyped. I track almost everything. I dont have any surprises as far as results really because I know where my sweet spots are. All thanks to the advent of new technology and analytics.

I may not have the hoopla that I once did when I fought in the ring in my younger days but triathlon and running have given me an avenue to feed my yearning for a purpose.

Oh and now, finally after a few years of saying never, I'm finally an Ironman.