FLO Factory Team

Corey Lodato

Toms River, New Jersey

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship - Kona
Post-Race DrinkDon't really have one besides a protein shake once I'm home.
Off-Day ActivityPlaying outside with my son

I started competing in triathlons in 2012 after I was recovering from surgery that needed to be done on both of my ankles. I previously ran track/cross-country in middle school and then had to stop in highschool due to my ankle issue. I suffered from severely overpronated ankles and ended up getting a sinus tarsi implant and lengthening my achilles tendon.
I used biking to recover and ease into running after my surgery. I quickly moved from a hybrid bike to a road bike as I got more into cycling. I started to love cycling and was wanting to constantly improve my performance. Once cycling got me back in shape, I started competing in a few 5ks again, a friend told me about triathlons and I have been addicted to them since my first sprint race. I have completed ~40 races in these past years and have done sprint, Olympic, and multiple 70.3 races. I have not done a full yet as I was waiting to complete my first marathon to get a better idea of my performance.
I hope to be doing a full in 2021 as the fulls in 2020 don't line up with my schedule.