FLO Factory Team

Nathan Sellars

Bentonville, Arkansas | https://github.com/nsellars98

Main FocusRoad Cycling / Criterium
Bucket List RaceIronman St. George
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk
Off-Day Activitycomputer programming, researching, reading articles, playing with my three dogs, spending time with family

A frontend developer in Northwest Arkansas who likes to swim, bike, and run! I've been running competitively and recreationally since 2010, and I picked up the cycling bug in 2017 after buying my first road bike for $400. I still have that bike, but I've also added three more to the herd since then! Cycling has recently become an overwhelming passion and frequent pastime of mine. Although running used to be my muse, I really enjoy cycling in all its various forms. For now. finding an inner peace on two wheels has taken my focus off of two legs. My routine, however, has changed over the past couple of years, and I find myself in the grind to become more well-rounded and rooted to a routine this season. Some of my events on the calendar for 2022 include the Mid-South 100-mile gravel ride, several regional centuries, and maybe a few short distance triathlons thrown in the mix.