FLO Factory Team

Past Races

09/25/2021 Reach the Beach Washington: Cycle for Air (100 miles) (American Lung Association)
Race Recap
Elapsed Time: 10:29:29 - Moving Time: 7:58:16 - Average Moving Speed 13.7 MPH
02/23/2020 Hyannis Half Marathon M30-39: 87/102, Overall: 724/1106, CLY03: 2/3 (Clydesdale 226lbs+ 39 and younger)
01/26/2020 Town of Celebration Half-Marathon M30-34: 36/56, Overall: 606/1761
12/14/2019 Santa Runs Tacoma Half-Marathon M30-35: 22/24, Overall: 226/341

Ruel Merrill

Tacoma, Washington

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceHalf-Iron Duathlon
Post-Race DrinkWater

I grew up near Seattle, and graduated from Washington State University. In high school I rode often with friends and did two, Cascade Bicycle club two day events, the Seattle to Portland (STP) and the Ride Seattle to Vancouver (RSVP). During college I didn’t find the time to continue but after college I’ve been trying again. I like Olympic and Sprint distance Duathlons, and within the last couple years did the STP again and the Flying Wheels. My race bike has only had FLO wheels on it for my Duathlons. I competed at Nationals in 2016 and ITU Worlds in 2017. Although I didn’t do great in my age group I really wanted to go to both since I qualified.