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Past Races

05/02/2020 IRONMAN St. George
05/02/2020 IRONMAN St. George
05/02/2020 IRONMAN St. George

Derek Goronson

South Jordan, Utah

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceChallenge Roth, Ironman Full and Half World Championships, Norseman Xtreme, Redman Triathlon
Post-Race DrinkSome kind of Protein drink, followed quickly by a Dr. Pepper

In 2012 I was living in my home town of Vegas. My best friend had recently picked up a vintage road bike and after he let me have my first ride on it I was hooked. I found something similar on Craigslist in a few hours away in Saint George so called up the guy, told him I was driving up, and got it that night.

That same year I moved to Salt Lake City with my wife and I got a job in a bike shop. That accelerated my learning and experience in the cycling world and it wasn't long before I had a new bike, and was joing in on as many group rides as I could.

With the encouragement and support of my new community I started racing. I loved pushing myself and really enjoyed the culture and excitement. After a few races I signed up for a triathlon and after completing that first race I knew that I had found something special. The local triathlon community was very accepting and supportive. There were a lot people for me to look up to and it was all about individuals pushing yourself to your next goal.

over the years the people, culture, and lifestyle of cycling and triathlon have become some of the biggest influences and joys in my life. My closest friends, best memories, and greatest personal accomplishments are all tied to the two sports. As a result I haves looked for ways to give back.

I been as big of an influence and support in my local cycling and tri community as I can. I have been a major contributor to several group leaderships in Salt Lake County. I have found a lot of joy being part of others accomplishments as they come into the sport and begging to feel the love and support of the community as we encourage and help them participate or compete in events, buy new equipment, and eventually find their own way be building the community. It doesn't matter to me what level someone is, the love, support, challenge, and culture of the sport ties us together.

Over the past 3 years I have tried to be a role model for those that come to the social group rides. I do my best to act in a way that shows how much love, support, happiness ,and fulfillment the sport and the community have given me. I always encourage, support, and counsel those who have a desire to be part of the community. As a result I feel that anyone is comfortable approaching me and I never let them feel like my race results or reputation are something that make me better than them.

While I do consider myself an accomplished athlete with many wins and a state title in the ITT, what really make me happy is being part of the community, doing my part to support others, and supporting the brands and people that share these common goals.