FLO Factory Team

Upcoming Races

08/28/2022 Ironman Canada

Past Races

05/07/2022 Ironman world championships st. George
04/23/2022 Ironman Texas

Rob Schnell

Calgary, Canada

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship
Post-Race DrinkVegasport Protein Shake

Triathlon junkie, 6 time Ironman finisher (and counting), will one day attend the Ironman World Championships even if it takes a legacy entry and 12+ Ironmans to get there. Active bike / run commuter, super dad to 2 amazing kids with the life goal to keep them active and stay a step ahead as long as I can. Full-time energy commodity analyst, and run eaunaturale sport (chamois creme manufacturing) part-time with my wife of 16 years that is a fragrance and cosmetics chemist. Loving life, going slow and looking pro, I get outside every day and try not to take things too seriously.