FLO Factory Team

Danny Robdrup

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta, Canada | www.zephyrstriteam.com/drobdrup

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceChallenge Roth
Post-Race DrinkFirst Endurance Ultragen, Orange Cream Flavour
Off-Day Activityplanning my athletes training, playing with my kids

Started tri in 2009 battling through alcohol addiction. Couch to half iron, while learning to swim a couple weeks prior to the race start. I have never DNF'd. I started a triathlon team in Lethbridge AB. I am the race director for the Lethbridge Kids of Steel Triathlon. I am also, the head coach of the Zephyrs Triathlon Team now. I will be racing IM Canada 2020 as its return to Penticton is highly anticipated. My best time for a half was set this past year with a 4:29:55, a 20min PB.