FLO Factory Team

Andric Bowen

New York, New York

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman
Post-Race DrinkNuun

My story “short version” NYC is HOME!

I was a big kid. Liked sports. Played sports as a child. but not seriously, since I had trouble running and or walking.

Childhood ocean trauma never really leaves you. It still haunts me but I have overcome not only that but my weight issues.

I also had a bike crash when I was a kid. But I have overcome that as well.

I have worked really hard to overcome challenges in life. I have a great job in NYC - I have been with the company 12 years. I have come a very long way.

I have a partner of 20 years who loves and supports me. He met me when I was pushing 200 lbs. He has been by my side for everything.

The losing weight, getting fit, learning how to ride bikes Again. Learning how to ride TT bikes. All first world problems but they were challenges as an adult For me.