FLO Factory Team

Upcoming Races

10/01/2022 Las Vegas Triathlon
10/23/2022 Ironman California

Past Races

04/30/2022 RAGE Triathlon
03/20/2022 LA Marathon 9662
10/24/2021 Ironman California

Raciel Diaz

Las Vegas, Nevada | https://radragon.com

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman
Post-Race DrinkElectrolytes and beer
Off-Day ActivityMountain biking or CrossFit

My name is Raciel (rachel) and I'm a fur mother to a 2-year-old Weimaraner named Sterling. (Yes, I turned into one of those ladies that calls themselves a "furmum" #dontjudge).

Since 2005, I'm a "back-of the-packer" that has completed over 33 marathons, 14 ultramarathons (50K+), a 100 miler (it was a cute buckle!), several Sprint & Olympic-distance triathlons, 3 half-Ironman distance (70.3) triathlons, and a century ride.

Why do these numbers matter? Because except for a handful (5) of podiums, I'm never in the top 80% of finishers. So why do I keep signing up for these events? Insanity. I'm insanely into endurance events and am insanely inspired daily by people of all shapes and sizes who complete said endurance events.