FLO Factory Team

Frenil Dand

New York, New York | https://quiz.kyoku.com/frenild

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Hiking, Yoga
Bucket List RaceIronman World Kona
Post-Race DrinkKyoku, Nuun Recovery & Vega sport
Off-Day ActivityYoga & Swimming

Hi! My name is Frenil I am 47 years young :) I am a father of two amazing kids (both into cycling), husband of beautiful wife, son to awesome parents. I work for non-profit National Hemophilia Foundation as a Director of Information Technology. I re-discovered joy of cycling as an adult in my late 30’s. I remember as kids we use to ride around the neighborhood with friends. See how far we can go and discover new ways to get there. That feeling came back when I started riding again and bought my first hybrid bike. It started as recovery from my ACL surgery from there is progressed on to way of commuting. Learning and making newbie mistakes along the way and still learning. Learn very quickly riding 16mi in works clothes was not a good idea. From having to take multiple breaks on single 16mi ride to cramping legs that no longer would move to completing my first Century ride on the hybrid “tank” was quite the journey. After having completed few Centuries rides next step was to purchase a road bike. Wow! What a game changer, felt like I could ride on this super-light machine forever. It felt like I was cutting through the wind in Ferrari. After taking my riding to next level next step was to sign-up for a Triathlon. I was bit by the Triathlon bug :). Having watched Ironman Kona few years back for the first time on T.V, I was stocked and mesmerized by the sport. I asked myself, is it even possible to complete such a distance in single day. Maybe subconsciously Triathlon seed was already planted that day. Fast-forward to 2019 and completing my first Ironman Mont Tremblant with my Flo 60/90 has been extraordinary. And the journey continues to push the limits.