FLO Factory Team

Matt Underwood

Cambridge, Canada

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List Race70.3 World Championships/Challenge Roth
Post-Race DrinkChocolate milk
Off-Day ActivityFarming!

I first started training for and competing in triathlons as a way to stay fit and change up the monotony of training for cross country skiing, as a member of the varsity nordic ski team at the University of Guelph. What started out as a side hobby quickly developed into a passion that has shaped my whole lifestyle. Whether it’s planning weekend activities, after-work plans, or vacation goals, triathlon is always on my mind and playing a role, second only to my family. Since completing my first race in 2012, I have gone on to complete 8 70.3-distance races, 1 full IM, and countless sprints and Olympic distance races, not to mention the races that were slated for 2020 that have since been cancelled. Despite the challenges we have been presented, I still look forward to training daily, and have used this time of relaxed training to remind myself why I love this sport so much. I have enjoyed most of all the rides I’ve been able to go on, without any structure or detailed interval plans, just me, my bike, and the open road.
When I’m not training, racing, or thinking about training or racing, I farm with my family in Ontario where we grow corn, soybeans, and wheat, and also raise chickens. While it’s a very rewarding career, it sure can make training a challenge after a hard day on the farm!