FLO Factory Team

Byron Corral

Anchorage, Alaska

Main FocusRoad Cycling / Criterium
Bucket List RaceNot sure, just racing in general!
Post-Race DrinkGatorade. Gotta get them electrolytes ya feel?
Off-Day ActivityPlaying with my dog Roscoe, cross training, and hanging out with friends and family

Just started cycling for over a year now. Prior, I played soccer competitively my whole life and transitioned to running ultra-marathons and various long distance races during college. That stopped because of constant ankle injuries and a torn MCL. After a year of rehabilitation and physical therapy, I stumbled upon Justin Williams of Legion of LA on YouTube and decided to go all in with cycling! I’m full Filipino and born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Just celebrated my 1 year anniversary to my beautiful wife Mikayla. For my career, I’m a Behavior Specialist at a title 1 school here in Anchorage, AK. I like to do anything endurance related, play basketball, volleyball, call of duty, and volunteer with lots and lots of organizations. Besides that, ya boy is ready to add a little diversity to the cycling scene up here in Alaska!