FLO Factory Team

Dylan Hammons

Owensboro, Kentucky , Kentucky

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceIronman WC and UTMB
Post-Race DrinkF2C

I’m a runner. Mountains are my favorite. Hard grueling climbs. I love to bring people together. That’s why I co founder ProjectRise, a November Project style running group that meets once a week at 5:29am to move together as one. I love cycling and have done some Ironman events. I mostly shepa for my wife as she competes in 70.3s around the world. Our 14 year old daughter has been doing triathlon for 7 years and my wife and I run Green River Tri. A youth program designed to bring confidence and independence through triathlon. I’m 23 months removed from hip surgery and have a plan. I want to compete in 100 mile races again. I want to get to Kona. I want to do UltraMan. No matter what the journey will be more about getting my weight down and controlling my depression and anxiety. This is more than medals, trophies, slots and belt buckles. This is my life.