FLO Factory Team

Tim Kehoe

North Chesterfield , Virginia

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceEscape From Alcatraz
Post-Race DrinkGU Energy Chocolate Smoothie recovery.....and then good IPA!

I consider myself your average age group athlete. Triathlon is my primary sport with some CX races thrown in the mix and since I’ve added a MTB to the collection maybe some of that too. I’m a police officer in VA. I have had the pleasure of racing with Flo back in 2013 as a member of the Ironman Foundation Newton Running Ambassador Team. My focus the last few years has been short course (sprints/olys) although I raced Ironman Traverse City last year. I find short course racing suits me and my family life a little better. I’m able to race more in a season than when training and racing long course. My favorite race series the Kinetic Multisports series has multiple weekend Tri festivals that also let me race back to back. Triathlon and cycling are my passion. It’s my outlet from work.
This year I have the great fortune/pleasure to race as part of the GU Energy Salty’s Squad Ambassador Team.
When not racing you’ll find me volunteering with our local Tri club or working for GoToEleven Racing (a local race production company), where I’m typically behind the mic. I’ve been announcing various races for the last 15 years. Outside of work and riding, I’m married to an amazing woman and we have 3 great kids (college bound twins and an 11yo who has recently caught the MTB bug with me).