FLO Factory Team

Patrick Mosley

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceUndetermined at this time
Post-Race DrinkMargaritas

I’m Marine Corps veteran. I rediscovered my love for cycling while serving overseas. I’ve continued to invest my time and effort into growing into a better road cyclist since. I would really like to compete at an elite level on the amateur stage of the sport. I’ve competed in two criteriums (2015 & 2016); I finished the first race in last place on a bike shaped object but got dropped in the second. I have upgraded my equipment since but I still have a lot to learn and honestly I have to take my diet more seriously to give myself a real chance at reaching a podium in the future. Since I moved to Philadelphia I’ve had the opportunity to be more consistent with my training. I’m taking it serious; soon I plan to be properly conditioned to enter into several races and be competitive. I’d be honored to be a member of the FLO Factory Team as I engage in this journey. Lastly, I’m really enjoying the FLO 90 Aluminum + Carbon wheel set I just purchased. It’s only been a week but I feel a difference and other riders on the trials are very impressed with them. Thanks!