FLO Factory Team

Devin Heffernan

Burlington, Kentucky

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceGiro d'Italia
Post-Race DrinkProtein Shake or Chocolate Milk

I am 21 years old. I grew up running competitively throughout high school and into college. I ran in the low 16s and into the high 15s for my 5k time and my mile time was 4:35. I cross-trained with road cycling a little bit during my running days. In college, I've started to get into road cycling as a primary focus sport. I've truly fallen in love with it. I currently cycle for the Queen City Wheels cycling club but am interested in representing the great company of Flo both as a way to better my cycling, get greater experience in the cycling world, and promote the company. I currently live in the Cincinnati, OH area. I love to be outside and stay active.