FLO Factory Team

Jeff Wamser

Pleasant Hill, Iowa | https://trainingtotri2013.blogspot.com/

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceDeca Ultra Triathlon
Post-Race DrinkA local craft beer

I got back into cycling 10 years ago, and after that discovered triathlon. Since then, I've been building my cycling knowledge and experience. I bought my first FLO wheels 2 years ago and absolutely love them. I've mostly only raced long-course and ultra triathlons with them, but hope to enter crits and some short and medium course triathlons as well.
As far as personal highlights, this past October I competed in the Leon, Mexico Ultra-Tri and set a US record for the 1x3 ultra distance. I broke the existing world record, but so did the guy from Denmark who finished 2 hours ahead of me!