FLO Factory Team

Beytullah Gungor

Adana, Turkey

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Road Running
Bucket List RaceTranscontinentals and Ultramarathons. Long term may be Ironman Races
Post-Race DrinkNo alcohol
Off-Day ActivityFamily Time

I Served 14 years in Navy; in mechanical engineering related positions for approximately 11 years and 2 years for CBRNe first response team commanding officer. I’ve attended and made presentations in international courses and fairs related CBRNe. Also I hade fire fighting and safety measurements courses and were responsible in this manner in my last serve for 7 years. Logistics, maintenance and repair plans were the other main proposals of my last serve.
In mechanical engineering side of my life; I had my Master of Science degree and wrote 2 articles (mentioned over 150 times) in Materials and Design (in SCI ). My PhD was in Final Phase of thesis.

Interested in sports and nature mainly cycling, running a little bit triathlon and of course can have fun with other ball related sports.