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Past Races

10/22/2022 Big Sugar
10/09/2022 UnPAved
09/24/2022 Belgian Waffle Ride: Utah
07/23/2022 Dust Bowl 100
06/25/2022 Coast to Coast 200
06/03/2022 UNBOUND Gravel
04/02/2022 Rough Road 100
03/05/2022 Dirty South Roubiax
10/23/2021 Big Sugar 100
10/10/2021 UnPAved
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Brian Farren

Mahomet, Illinois

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceMichigan Coast to Coast
Post-Race DrinkImmediately after, anything that is cold.
Off-Day ActivityDepends. Often involves modeling my pajamas.

I have always been active (bikes, motorcycles, swimming, running, hiking, etc.) - unorganized personal pleasure activities after HS until my mid 20s. I have been running since grade school, and after HS graduation I used this form of activity to stay active. In my late 20s I started participating in running events as a way to maintain discipline. Added bikes and swimming in my 30s because the rigors of running were getting the better of my body. I did a half dozen short distance triathlons per year for a number of years, again, to keep my feet to the fire. I transitioned from tri to gravel cycling about 4 years ago, and felt like I had found my place. A high speed gravel get off on July 4, 2019 left me with a fractured C7 and legs that no longer wanted to turn over like they used to, so for the past couple of years running has been a challenge. Ironically, riding was the one thing that I could do without much difficulty. I don’t feel like I have lost a step on my bike, but the progress to return to running continues... I have gravitated to mid to long distance gravel events, and continue to push myself to go a bit further each year.