FLO Factory Team

Travis Knight

Comer, Georgia

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Road Running, Trail Running, Duathlon, Track and Field, Hiking, Climbing
Bucket List RaceWestern States 100
Post-Race DrinkSome local brew
Off-Day ActivityProbably doing some woodworking and hanging out with my wife and son.

I was a collegiate track and cross country athlete for four years and fell in love with bike riding and racing shortly after. I have Flo 60s and have convinced 4 other friends to also purchase Flo wheels. My family and I live in the Athens, GA area and love to be outside. I am still an avid cyclist and a competitive runner. Road bike racing is still something I do a few times a year and my ultimate goal is to qualify for the Western States 100 Ultramarathon. I would love to help represent a company that offers one of the best products at a fraction of the price as other brands. I love to support US businesses that start from hard work and a leap of faith and what better way than to be apart of a team that does just that!