FLO Factory Team

Past Races

10/02/2021 Barry Roubaix
09/26/2021 The Dirty Mitten Gravel Triathlon

Lars Meiner

Naperville, Illinois

Main FocusGravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceRacing the full Belgian Waffles across San Diego and Asheville
Post-Race DrinkDouble IPA
Off-Day ActivityCooking with my wife and spending time with our two kids

I'm an age group triathlete and relatively new gravel age grouper. Before running my first marathon in 2011, I used to mountain bike and kite surf in the cold water and forests of Denmark and Sweden with some running for general fitness. I got bit by the endurance bug and started thinking about triathlons as a way to combine my love for the water, cycling and running.

I did my first olympic distance triathlon in 2016 (Chicago) and have since raced 4 70.3s (Steelhead x2, Muncie and Wisconsin), 5 marathons (Copenhagen, Atlanta, Nashville and Chicago x2), a 31 miles small ultra marathon (in the Everglades, Florida - it was hot but in such awe inspiring surroundings), several olympic and lately sprint distance triathlons. I started gravel racing in 2020 and am focusing on 50-60 mile events (have so far raced The Dirty South Roubaix 64 miler, Lowell Spring Classic 50 miler, the Belgian Waffle Ride (Wafer) Asheville, NC and scheduled for the Barry Roubaix 60 miler in October) to help me build speed and endurance that benefit both short triathlons and gravel races. Since starting a family with my wife, I have switched to sprint and olympic distance triathlons in combination with 50-6om mile gravel races to be able to focus on our family and race more, but shorter, events.

I got my first FLO 60/90 wheels for my tri bike in 2017 and just got the Flo G700 gravel wheels based on how much I loved the 60/90 wheelset and how thorough, data driven and meticulous FLO's approach is to developing wheels. I am loving the G700s for gravel; you ride faster but they are so stable that the trail feels like it's slowing down. I am excited to race on them and feel the difference on race day!