FLO Factory Team

Daniel Fung

Hawthorne, California

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Aquabike, Aquathon, SUP, Hiking
Bucket List RaceRegistered for Kona Ironman World Championship 2022. Western states is still on my bucket list
Post-Race DrinkVega Plant based protein mix
Off-Day Activityplaying Swim, bike, run with my children

I am have been a triathlete, open water swimmer, marathon runner, ultramarathon runner, cyclist for over 10 years now. With my child hood up upbringing in athletics I can say I have trained all my life for triathlon. I race in mostly long distance triathlons now, mostly ironman races. As I fill out this application I am sitting in my hotel room getting ready for Ironman California tomorrow. I have a confirmed registration for Kona Ironman world championships 2022. As long as the world championship will be in Kona next October I will race in Kona. I am also a long distance open water swimmer who has completed the triple crown of marathon open water swimming (English Channel, Catalina Chanel, Manhattan island marathon swim). I regularly qualify for the Boston Marathon and last year I was planning on running Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon until the pandemic hit and shut racing down. I am excited to get back into racing now that the pandemic is better under control and racing starts again. I used to have a public twitter, strava, facebook and instagram account and I used to have a blog triathlonMD where I wrote and posted my career as a triathlete and endurance athlete from a perspective of being a physician. I shut those accounts and blogs down when my first child was born and I just could not keep up with the posts and maintain the accounts. Now that my children are older I am planning on starting back up with posting on public social media accounts. I used to be quite prolific with my posts. Jointing a team will give me the incentive to restart all those accounts and I look forward to joining and promoting the team.