FLO Factory Team

Past Races

09/04/2022 Trifest for MS - Olympic F1 Triathlon 44th O/A , 3rd age group
09/04/2021 Trifest for MS - Sprint 36th O/A , 3rd age group
09/06/2020 Trifest for MS - Olympic F1 Triathlon 37th O/A , 2nd age group
09/05/2020 TRIFEST for MS - Sprint 50th O/A , 2nd age group
09/05/2020 TRIFEST for MS - Super Sprint 34th O/A , 2nd age group
03/07/2020 Jones Center Indoor Triathlon don't remember
07/19/2019 The Eurekan Super Sprint Triathlon 13th O/A , 1st age group
06/02/2019 Ozark Valley Triathlon 23rd O/A , 2st age group
04/20/2019 Iron Pig Duathlon 15th O/A , 1st age group

Josh Jaggernauth

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Running, Trail Running, Duathlon, Hiking
Bucket List RaceIronMan
Post-Race DrinkGatorade and everything unhealthy
Off-Day ActivityShooting, working, playing on the computer and being lazy

Hello there! I have been competing in triathlons for a couple years now. Even though I'm still fairly new to the sport, it definitely hits all the boxes that I have been striving for in my time as an athlete. I started out running cross country in high school. While doing this, I decided that distance wasn't enough and trained and competed in a marathon. I made that my secondary focus and completed several different races through my HS years. I ran for Oral Roberts University before transferring due to my career path changing.

After doing so many marathons, I decided that I wanted to push myself even further. I decided that I wanted to shoot for a triathlon. I signed up for a duathlon to use for training, mostly enjoyed that (until my chain flew off my bike) and decided I was ready for a triathlon.

4 years later I am still loving the sport and now have new goals to be reached.