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Race Fueling Plans

Note: Customized personal race fueling plans are offered for Ironman, Half Ironman, Olympic, and Sprint triathlons, and Half Marathon and Marathon run races. Race Fueling Plans are included in 1-on-1 Triathlon Coaching. Have questions? Contact team management for a free consult with a coach. Ask us anything!

What's Included?

Initial Consultation
Through an initial questionnaire and initial conversations, we will gather information about each athlete's past experiences with training and racing nutrition.

Sweat Test
We will provide each athlete with very specific instructions on how to complete a proper sweat test. This test will tell us exactly how much fluid each athlete is losing under different conditions. We use these results to determine accurate hydration needs.

Race Fueling Plan Document
This 11-page document provides individualized instructions for properly fueling a variety of different race distances. After executing a "sweat test", we analyze the results to determine accurate hydration needs. We then use an estimate of an athlete's lean body mass to calculate accurate caloric needs. This document also provides guidance for fueling workouts, as well as how to properly perform a pre-race carbohydrate load.

Follow-up Consultation
After you receive your Race Fueling Plan document, one of our certified coaches will set up a phone call with you. They will explain the document in detail and provide more information on how to get the most out of your plan.

Ongoing Adjustments
Not completely satisfied with your plan? We are willing to provide each client with ongoing adjustments to this plan. This may involve repeating the sweat test, or it may just mean altering the plan based on race feedback. Either way, we will make sure that we adjust the plan until it is perfect!

What is the cost?

One-Time Fee: $195

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