FLO Factory Team

NYCM 2019

There’s nothing like a strong finish. Enjoyed the course. A lot of friends met! People cheering you on. Executed as planned but a little behind. Not a PR but could have been.....????????Boom! ????a happy dance picture because i cant even put a quick step right now! ?? now time to eat! Then CIM next month! Marathon # 9: Not my PR but definitely my strongest. I learned control....not get excited during first 3 miles. Steady pace. Not chasing time. Socialize (well i do that all the time) ??. Take in good nutrition at right time. I learned how to use salt sticks well. Alternate electrolytes and pure water. And take in solids once available...e.g. banana. And did not cramp during my Tokyo 26.2, 70.3 Waco and 26.2 NYCM. 3 race in a row. Triathlon training taught me a lot. More to learn! Happy to be running with good friends! I hope i will do the same and get better results in 1 month. California International Marathon coming up!

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