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Duatlon log distance Hijar

February 10, 2020 - cold but intense

Very cold day with fog.

We started with 10 km of apie race with a lot of unevenness, we started strong to endure with those in front and we paid for it. The partial leaves at 3:55 min / km (worse than expected, does not forgive the start at 3:30)

I take the bike with my Flo very tired but we go to ours, we take people but the cold is very strong, I wear frost on the visor of the helmet and the sweat freezes. In the end I climb positions and with the food I recover in the 60 km for the last 10 km.

Same circuit and again 3 laps with a lot of unevenness, I control what comes behind and win two places.

At the end 11 of the general and 2 of veterans of my region.

A success for me, I don't usually do duathlones (the first) or such short races.

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