FLO Factory Team

La Candelaria 10k Run

February 17, 2020 -

***Race Recap***

For a long time (about two years) I wanted to get my 10k under 40min, but different reasons I wasn't running out of the regular long-distance triathlons. I knew my running was getting better because I got my 5k under 20min two times last year. So, yesterday I ran the 10k at an average pace of 3:53 min/km and I finally got my 10k under 40min.

The race wasn't easy it ran during the whole race and it was cold (for Costa Rica, around 14~16 Celcius). La Candelaria is one of the biggest races here with around 4k runners. I got a 119 place in my age group (20-34) of 696 runners and 221 of 1960 male runners. This gives me a lot of confidence for the next race that in two weeks...My first marathon, Atlanta Publix Marathon on 3/1/2020.

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