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Amazing and Challenging Course

If you want a tough honest course on the bike and on the run Challenge Wanaka is the place to go.

Challenge Wanaka is an amazing race. It has a bit of everything in a nice and cool town.

Now lets get to the race report if you want to do this event in the future I know I´m definetley coming back next year.

The Swim: Lake Wanaka is a beautuful place to swim. Water temperature is between 16 and 18 degrees celcius so its a chily but manageable swim. Make sure you practice swimming in your wetsuit before the race. 

For me it was a pretty good swim mannaged to stay in contact with a small group of swimmers and that kept me focused. 

The Bike: It has it all. Hills, flats, downhill fast sections you name it plus it is a very scenic course. 1 lap course and the wind can pick up in some sections. I was tempted to bring my FLO Alimunuim+Carbon Disc with the FLO 90 Carbon front but I stayed on the more versatile side and went fot a 70 front 80 back but next year I´m bringing the disc with me. 

This course keeps think really honest with all the climbing, fast decents and a few flats where you can really put the hammer down. New Zealand in known for its hard road surface so I went a bit lower on the tire pressure and that was perfect.

The Run: If you like running off road then this is the course for you it is about 80% off road with decent elevation changes and it keeps things interesting. Make sure your running shoes have enough grip for the loose gravel.

Hope you like reading this report and I´m more than happy to answer any specific questions.

Keep grinding team.

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