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Boulder 70.3 recap

July 02, 2020 - 2nd ever 70.3 and missed the IM 70.3 world championships by 4 minutes :(

Transitioned from marathons to triathlons in 2016 and have never looked back :)  Had to learn how to swim which has been my rate-limiting factor but absolutely love the variety of the races.  Ironman Boulder 70.3 was only my second 70.3.

Had a decent swim at 37:07 placing 35th out of 132 in my age group (26th percentile).  Had a great bike of 2:26:52 along the flat iron mountains in Boulder which is a gorgeous course and was 4th fastest bike at 23mph.  Legs felt like rubber when the run started (don't they always?) and it was 90 degrees with NO shade on the course.  Once I found my stride 3/4 of a mile into the run, I could not believe how good I felt and actually held back until about mile 8 (learned that lesson the hard way in my first 70.3 - 2017 Steelhead) and ended up with the 2nd fastest run in my age group at 1:36:54 which is only 5 minutes off of my half-marathon PR.  Total time was 4:47:52 which was 12 plus minutes faster than my first 70.3.

After coming out of the water in 35th and starting the run in 8th, I clawed my way up to 4th overall missing a 70.3 world championship qualifying spot by 4 minutes.  Need to get faster in the water and move up to full IM distance to give more road to chase down the speedy swimmers :)   I never had dreams of qualifying for the world championships and was ecstatic with the performance.  Good thing I am competing in the 50-54 age group :)

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