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August 18, 2020 - I am to fat to go up hills like that!

Cat 4 road race. It was just under 30 miles basically all up hill. I first did the race in 2017 and finished in 2:02. This year's race wasn't on my calendar but when it got rescheduled for this August I kept it on the back burner as something to maybe do. As time got closer and everything else got cancelled I thought might as well give it a go, I haven't been able to do anything else! Well that wasn't the smartest thinking on my part, apparently the three years since I last did it made me forget that my temple of a body isn't the uphill road race type at the moment. Overall I stayed with the group until the bottom of Roan mountain. Then poor gearing on my part caused a gap in the first surge on the steepest part of the climb and pop goes the weasel, out the back I shot. From then on I just told myself stay in your zone and you will hopefully pick them off one at a time. I was able to do that and moved up 5 or so places in the climb. And finished in sub 2 hours which was my goal! Was hoping for a better place overall but still happy doing it in 1:58!

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