FLO Factory Team

Tour of the Battenkill

I think my training and bike upgrades are paying off! The day was overcast and warm but I was ready to tackle the gravel/road course. I’m not a great gravel rider, so I took my time in these sections of the course (I believe there were 5) and blasted the roads . The only “mistake” I made was very slightly veering off course. That being said, I quickly got back on course, passed 2 riders and if there was .5 miles left I would have caught the next person. In the end, I placed 4th in my AG and probably could have placed if I didn’t miss a sign. I finished 4th in my age group 50-59 and 21 overall. The last stat I would like to share is the comparison from 2019 (1:58) and 2021 (1:35). There is room for improvement and I can’t wait for future races On another note, as I was getting ready for the race, I heard a young boy say to his dad, “ look at those wheels, he must be fast “. ??

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