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post race review

short review: before, race day and award ceremony

Hey, I am Greg from Russia and haven't started for the last 1,5 years due to pandemic. 

so from the May I have seen that the races in US didn't closed and didn't reschedulled, so I decided to race. Unfortunatelly most of races were sold out and I had no chanse to choose one. in June I tried to review Les Moines, but it was  sold out and no available slots there, the second attempt was IM 70.3 Steelhead Michigan. So I confirmed with the team that the race will happen and book a slot.

I arrived in Chi 3 days before the race. I have got a several training here and next day move to Benton Harbour. there I also did a run and bike training and the day before the race I relaxed without any activity.

The weather in Lake Michigan area are not predictable. two days before the start there were crazy thundestorm. Ironman Village was moved to high school from the beach. Check-in time were very simple as always. Village too small no merchandise were presented, but OK this no standard situation and we all are in very close time when pandemic is going to end.

Race day:the swimm part canceled at 5/00 a.m. at 5.30 in Transition - the weather was great. windy, but very good weather and amazing Sunrise. No changes and the race started from the bike part - rolling start - every 5sec 2 bikers.

Guys - Flo wheels are amazing, everytime, when I looked at my watch the spped was not less than 38-40 km/h. and it was awesome, as noted the elevation on the bike course aprx 600m. 

when I were biking back to the transition ( start from 35 miles) there was head and sidewind, sometimes I have to catch my bike too strong because it was a little bit scared. Last 3-5 miles the rain was starting and it was a littli discomfort, but not a big problem.

bike couse 90km - 37/7 km/h avg speed, that's amazing and awesome expirience.

The run - it was hard due to hummidity and Sun. aprx 28-30C and some hills on the course killed me, I thought. avg pace 5.min/km and not bad.

I am 18-th in my age group and I got a slot for IM 70.3 worldchampionship in UTAH St. George.

Award ceremony was great. Roll down slots for world championship took a lot of time and I missed my plane)))

as a conclusion I highly recommended IM70.3Steelhead to race. the cource is amazing. bike fast, Run hot and it is all you realy need ti check your self)))

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