FLO Factory Team

2021 Alpha Wins Triathlon

July 05, 2021 - 2021 Alpha Win Triathlon It was a beautiful day in Kingston, NY and I had a feeling I was going to rock the day. My taper was perfect, and I feel like I’m honing in on my pre-race meal. The swim went as expected. I got out of the lake in ~35’ and felt good. My legs were fresh and I knew I was going to push the bike. Well I pushed too hard! I came around a bend too fast and crashed hard. My brakes and front derailleur were messed up, which prevented me from continuing at a good pace. I completed the race but knew my day was over and just cruised to the finish line. I also ripped my elbow and forearm, wrenched (whiplash) my neck and, after an ER visit (post race) found I had a minor concussion. I am happy to report that VeloFix looked at my bike and there doesn’t seem to be any major damage. There are a couple of scratches but that’s it. I’m looking forward to 70.6 IM Ohio in a few weeks. I hope to see some fellow FLO Factory Teammates!??

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