FLO Factory Team

First IM Branded Event

An Awesome Experience!

After winning my age group at a sprint race in July, my confidence grew for this - my A race. Having told my wife a few years ago I wasn't going to do any more 70.3's following 2 DNF's (foot issues), I still wasn't quite sure how the day would go.

Training was consistent but complicated by job stress and nagging hip flexor issues. Thanks to a top notch massage therapist, there were no issues on race day with them.

The Frankfort venue was amazing and extremely spectator friendly. Coming back into town following a 10 mi bike out and back looked like what you'd see during the Tour de France - people lining the streets cheering and waving signs. A good portion of the bike course and all of the run course were lined with family, friends and local spectators.

Water temp was 68 - took a couple hundred yards for my face to adjust. Air temp didng't get above 70. Perfect day.

Swim - 42:24

A slight but steady current on the way out turned into a boost after the first buoy turn. 5 min slower than the goal time but considering current, adjusting to the temperature, and getting kicked and punched a few times, I'll take it.


11 min of total transition time. Not great. Work to do.

Bike - 2:46:15

Beat my goal time and set a PR on a very fast course. Able to ride conservatively at just below race power target. Expected my new FLO tri wheel setup  to ride fast and smooth. What I experienced blew past my expectations. Felt great going into the run.

Run - 2:30:19

The run started off way better than planned. Looked at my watch and saw I was running an 8:30 pace. Needed to pull back, and did. Toward the end of the first mile out of nowhere, my right hamstring locked up. Cramping is a common theme in my long course racing. Thought I had it beat this time. The rest of the run was managing cramps. Missed goal time by 30+ min. 

OA Time - 6:09:58

Goal time was 5:40. Missed by 30 min - the difference, of course was the run.

Have some things to figure out. How to not cramp and if I'm going to do this again next year!

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