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Vermont Overland

In over my head at Vermont Overland!

What a day! Finally got to try out the G700s on some class IV Vermont roads, and they were amazing. My legs however weren't quite ready for the 7100" of climbing on those class IV "roads." Back to the wheels...they made the day a lot more comfortable than it could've been. It POURED rain right at the start of the race and on the soaked gravel descents, the wheels were fast and stable. After the first aid stop, the quads did not want to climb any more. Somewhere a long the first part of the race my derailleur decided it didn't want to give me my lowest gears and cooked my legs. 

I ended up pushing a few of the steeper sections, but made it to the finish and saw the family and the legs all the sudden, felt better. Next year I definitely want to go back to Vermont with better legs, but definitely with my G700s.

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