FLO Factory Team

PR - Longest Ride

I knew the event was going to be a challenge for my current fitness level. I went out way too fast trying to stay with a group I knew. Was able to grind it out at the end and finish.

After multiple injuries and not really being able to run or bike for a year, I was able to complete the ALA’s Reach the Beach Washington 100 miler (108.83 with missed turns and back tracking). I had done some 40-60 mile training rides the couple months leading up to it, but I knew with my current fitness it would be a challenge. Drank and ate good the day before and day of event. 40 miles in the people I was riding with were going too fast and I was way above my doable pace. I had cramps and exhaustion from trying to keep up, and if I was going to finish I needed to let them go. So I trudged along much slower trying to take breaks and stretch so I could make it to the end, even if it wasn’t going to be pretty. I finished feeling pretty good considering at mile 40 I hurt so bad I didn’t think I’d be able to finish.

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