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2022 Belgian Waffle Ride California-technically challenging

Finished 136 mile, 11,000+ ft vertical course in 10:25:58. A victory to finish given my lack of technical skills and too narrow tires.

Before/after at @belgianwaffleride San Marcos.  Yesterday was a tough day.  This race was completely different from what I expected.  Technical ability was my limiter.  There was a lot of steep descents with boulders and loose rock that made me want to have a gravel bike with @flocycling G650’s with really wide tubeless tires at low pressure for more grip and a dropper post.  My bike has a really low front end with a long seatpost.  I would gain time on my competitors going up the climb but would completely loose if on the descents where I was going 6 mph grabbing fistfuls of brake trying not to flip over the handlebars and die.  At mile 60 there were these washboardy roads that were beating the hell out of my wrists.  This was followed by rocky/boldery uphills at 6 mph followed by boulders on the descent and flat roads with sand that would yank your wheel in different directions.  It was mentally challenging.  My favorite part was the partially paved and really steep “double peak” climb at the end.  I gained a decent amount on the people around me there, and it was a killer view at the top.  The climb was punishing but I felt competent there.

I finished the 136 mile/11,000+ vertical foot course in ~10:26.  My Garmin died and I wasn’t anywhere near my typical wattage for long rides because of the extremely technical sections.  It was a bummer that this wasn’t representative of my fitness, but my lack of technical skills.  Time to go home and get after swim/bike/run training.  Shrine TT is up this Friday, hoping to put something together there.


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